"R&D of future products"


If you need a research about product you want to develop, about its potential, competitions, risks and challenges, contact us. First thing you should do is to expose your idea to a professional, objective view.

If you don't have a product yet, but have recognized market potential and want to develop it, contact us. We can offer you product development from scratch to finish. We require signing NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Costs? There's many possible cooperation models, you can rent-an-engineer(s) per hour, per project, we can take your shares, or maybe we can sponsor your product.


Product design is first filter consumers apply on product choosing, without their consent. Product and packaging design occupy consumer interest and allows other product properties like functionality, quality and price to trigger consumer for choosing that product among all the others. But, product design isn't only product exterior, it’s all and everything about this product. All parts of product must be designed to have its purpose. Here design and engineering interweave. Engineering is also design, but with accent on functionality, quality, targeted life span, materials, perception... We will go through complete process of parameters definition, decisions, and compromises and design a product that meets all requirements.

After all, design is your best salesman.


Mechanical design and engineering is often the most time consuming part of product development process. It is constant buildup of requests, solution development and decision making process. We use most powerful 3D CAD/CAE/CAM software packages for mechanical design, engineering and manufacturing. We can analyze parts for internal stresses and optimize its geometry so that there are no weak points, optimize part geometry for minimal material waste, mass and cost, analyze mechanism to avoid any collisions... All that within CAD software.

We can also make CAD files by reverse engineering (3D scanning).


Quick concept-to-fully-functional-prototype process is now much easier with high quality 3D printing, especially for parts and assemblies made by injection molding or casting. But, except printed parts, there is always need for fast sourcing of standard or custom manufactured parts. For prototypes, that are always small quantities that suppliers don’t worship. That's why we have developed a broad range of suppliers that can fulfill our requirements and are verified. They can supply us with standardized mechanical parts, CNC machined parts, plastic injection parts, casting parts, sheet metal parts, corrosion protection, welded constructions, 3D printed parts, electric components, motors, belts, electronics, microcontrollers, software... and everything else that is needed for functional prototype.


Depending on product type and its quantities, finding the right supplier for mass production requires a lot of experiance. After selection of most appropriate supplier, test series is ordered as last review of both product and supplier quality. This is usually most expensive part, so biggest attention should be paid to product design and engineering. Detailed analyses of first test and random production samples is crucial for maintaining product quality. Here modern high quality 3D scanning and measuring devices help in comparison of manufactured parts with 3D CAD files.

After release and delivery of product our scope of services end. Now distribution, marketing, sales and support takes place.


We have unique experience in organizing and managing serial production of products in various quantities. From small-series products like industrial machinery up to large quantity serial production in hundreds of thousands. From ordering tooling, finished parts, input quality control, assembly organization, definition of quality standards, assembling, quality inspection, testing, and finally, packaging and shipment. We manage assembling of products which components are made around the globe. Sometimes, price of a product is the only thing that matters, and sometimes product quality, location or quick response is a must. Our huge experience of manufacturing different kinds of product in collaboration with suppliers from all around the world, our location in Europe, and our project-oriented organization guarantees production of successful products.






Multiplico is compact company with huge experience in development of new products, industrial automation and development of industrial and consumer products. We have a broad range of experience in international sourcing and distributing. Beside our own manpower, we have a good network of experts for many other fields in business required for successful product launch.

Our goal is to help entrepreneur’s launch quality products on market and maximize their ROI.


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